Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Academic Services


    The National Institute for Child and Family Development (NICFD) provide academic services to the community, society and nation. Our institute helps qualitatively develop children, youth, adolescents, elders, families, staffs and child-related workers as well as teachers to have better attitude and logical thinking. This development will affect society and country according to the government policy and consistent with the strategy of the institute and Mahidol University as follow:

1. Promote Learning and Academic Services

    The institute offers short and long term training courses, conferences, seminars and publishes academic information to individual, public as well as government and private organizations. These services divided into 2 parts as follow:

    1.1 Promote Learning

          We develop the curriculum by ourselves or together with the subscriber. The experts that we use are coming from internal and external institute with a certificate. Moreover, training, seminars, workshops, conferences and registration fee collection are included in the Annual Work Plan.
     1.2 Academic Services

          1.2.1 We allow internal and external agencies to visit our institute. We have many sections such as Early Childhood Development Center, Child and Adolescent Clinic, Education Center and Academic Services and Social Engagement.

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          1.2.2 Our institute offers experts and professors to be academic advisors, consultants, external thesis advisors, profession advisers as well as academic consultants. Moreover, our professors can give academic advises as well as guidelines for the work implementation to projects or organizations. Our academic services section acts as a coordinator.

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2. Innovation and Development of Enterprise Education

    2.1 Innovation and Promotion of Knowledge
          The Academic Services Section offers the academic service activities for researchers, academics and professor members who are working at the NICFD. In addition, we expect them to use the innovative knowledge, expertise and research skills to provide academic services to the community, government and private organizations.

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    2.2. Developing Enterprise Education

           The Academic Services Section cooperates with other organizations to set up short-term learning activities by doing workshops, seminars and congresses with the target groups. Moreover, we are doing the academic services in the form of hiring or cooperate with other departments in Mahidol University, government agencies, local administration, community, school and other network partners to assist in the delivery of a commercially viable academic training program.

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