Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Early Childhood Development Center


Our Early Childhood Development Center has faith in 10 qualifications that Somdet Ya, Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Boromarajajonani, The Royal’s mother applied for raising and bringing up princes and princess of Mahidol.

The National Institute for Child and Family Development (NICFD) honorably applied these qualifications into our unique Early Childhood Development curriculum, with the integration of 5 interdisciplinary philosophies and theories; human development, neo-humanist, positive psychology, brain development and learning theory.

Moreover, Early Childhood Development Center at the NICFD offer a daycare and development services for preschool children. Our goal is help them to help themselves and others for a complete human being.


1.To provide  child care service  for university  staff and nearly Community.
2.To promote and support families and communities on child development participation.
3.To be a demonstration child  care center for child care service  standard improvment of new skills and methods. 
4.To be a setting for early childhood development and demonstration


1.Child development adjustment
2.Library for Child development
3.Emotional Stability Project
4.“Bookstart” technique training
5.Creative music and Art Activities
6.Mega Skills Training
7.Child development and  Standard Improvement project
8.Moral skilsl Improvement
9. Children Tale Empowerment



1. Application can be  acquire at NICFD  (2 nd floor).
2. Application must be  submitted  to NICFD within January of each year.
3. Interview  with a child’s  parent is needed prior to admission.


Ratio of Children per Teacher/caretaker 

1. Age 6 months - 1 year 3 months         3-5  :  1
2. Age 1 year  4 months - 2 years         5-10  :  1
3. Age 2 years - 3 years                     10-15  :  1


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